Present and Future

The present

The present situation is diabolical.

In spite of being one of the most cycled routes in London, it is extremely dangerous for ordinary people on foot and on bicycle:

Campaign - Clerkenwell Boulevard, Accident Map

it is the most polluted street in Islington:

Campaign - Clerkenwell Boulevard, air quality on Old Street

and it is extremely disrespectful to the thousands of Londoners who cycle to work on it:

Campaign - Clerkenwell Boulevard, Farringdon Bridge 4

Just watch these videos, to get an idea of the inhumane conditions people are subject to:



The future

Transport for London has identified the Clerkenwell Boulevard as a key section of the Central London Cycling Grid. This means that the road needs to be upgraded to the standards set out in the Mayor’s Cycling Vision and specifically following the recently released Cycling Standard Manual.

The key provision in the Vision is that a street with the traffic volumes of Clerkenwell Road needs to have adequate protected facilities for everyone who chooses to cycle.

Given the poor air quality of the street and its narrowness in most parts, the Boulevard proposal is to transfer through motor traffic (drivers who use the road just to pass through and therefore add no value to the local economy) to more appropriate roads, specifically the Inner Ring Road.

Islington Council has been granted £1,000,000 from Transport for London to improve Clerkenwell Road / Old Street, and we are waiting to see their plans.
Camden Council, in spite of two fatalities last year on their stretch of the Boulevard, are dragging their feet.

It is most important that we all show our support to the Boulevard proposal, to ensure that the upgrade is done to European standards, and the money not wasted in botch measures (i.e. “paint on the road”). Please sign our petition.

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